That Time I Earned Money While Having Fun

If you’re thinking that I’ve earned thousands of money–I didn’t. But the thing is I was just having fun then suddenly a lot of coins came to me. It is not a secret that modern calligraphy is one of the things I am really fond of. I might think of myself as a Jack of […]

Summer Break is Here!

Finally! I’m a grade 11 student no more. Yesterday, I passed my remaining modules and that means, I can finally take a breath of relief. A lot of adjustment had been done during this pandemic and tot ell everything was not easy. I still find myself missing those voices that I could only hear inside […]

What Happened to Saturday and Sunday?

Weekends are usually the days when we finally have the chance to respire—breathe from the usual chaos we encountered every day and when I said every day, those are the days when we forced ourselves to attend school, works, and usual errands. But when Covid came, the “Finally, it’s Friday!” was not that exciting anymore–it’s […]

Why I Want to Learn Typography

My week wasn’t sweet to me. Aside from my health was driving me crazy, my school modules exceeded my patient or so I thought. In the midst of suffering from a runny nose, I pulled myself together and pushed myself to answer the modules that are waiting for me in my inbox where my teacher […]

Why I Love Olivia Rodrigo

Finally, the waiting game is over. Sour album is here. And as a fan of this girl who is the same age as me, I go straight to spotify and listen to it. I first listen to Hope ur ok and I literally cry, this girl is so true to her thoughts. I then listened […]

“I’ll Do It Tomorrow” Is An Excuse

Our mind is so good at thinking of excuses. It will always give us ideas that will make us feel relief after not doing the things we should have done already. I guess, there’s a lot of us who can relate to this. And to give us a title, we are the Not-so-good-at-following-To-Do-Lists. There are […]

How to Greet my Mom on Mother’s Day?

She blocked me on Facebook. And you would probably laugh if you would know the reason.  You see, I was never been the perfect responsible daughter, but I’m sure to myself that I care for them so much. They are part of my plans but it is just that myself is first on the line. […]

Know Your Time Eater

I’m so proud of how productive myself is, lately. Scrolling through Facebook for a whole day before became a minute glance and later disable the app to avoid distractions. Facebook was my time eater. I came up with a practice I’ve named ‘ A Minute Glance ‘ to discipline myself. In that one minute, the […]

You’re Doing Great

Why does when I post a pic of mine people would then crush my notifications but when I posted my works that I spent 1 or more hours to finish people wouldn’t matter at all?A question that was stuck on my mind this morning.There were two answers I came up with. One is maybe my […]

The Last Chapter of My Junior Years

Time flies so fast, it was already a year ago when our junior high promenade was held. It was just like yesterday when everyone in my batch seemed problematic about what to wear on that big day. Take note, Covid 19 was already on the corner of our country. The news about Covid bombarded different […]

A Night with My Girls

COVID 19 sucks. Life has become more awful than ever. It made us live distant from our loved ones. Good thing, no, not a good thing but at least better than the first quarter of the year 2020, the lockdown was lifted and yes, I was able to meet two of my most favorite girls […]

What’s Beyond Legality?

Wow! I’m turning 18 this year. Does this blog make me sounds like I’m too excited? To tell you, I’m not. It may sound weird but being 18 is just another year added to your life —that’s it. There’s no difference except that you can now be detained. They say that 18 is the time […]

Don’t Expect, It’ll Just Hurt You

Life is so random. We don’t know what will happen next. And expecting too much will just hurt us. We always expect. Even me. And it isn’t wrong nor right. But expecting something and didn’t work the way we want… hurts. It sucks. I’ve been practicing not to expect for so long now and it […]

Choose the Right Battle

I used to be involved in fan wars. What would you expect from an obsessed fan? And to tell you the truth, it was regretful. It was time-consuming. I could have done more important things with those time. “People who walkout in a useless argument aren’t weak they are wise”, that’s what my brother said. […]

What’s Your What if ?

My brother and his wife were surprised when I showed up in front of them. It was 9 PM. I’ve been sleeping for like 5 hours. I blamed the roaring thunder for ruining my tight sleep. I tried to continue answering my school modules. I couldn’t understand the lessons so I stopped and planned to […]

Finally, I can breathe

No one knows it coming but it did. Our so-called home wasn’t the way it was before, it turns to be suffocating. If you have read my last blog, you would know. Fast-forward, the most awaited time of my life was finally granted—at last, I’ve left my hometown. I can finally say, I am now […]

Different ways, Same Laughter

It was the afternoon of April 9th, a holiday. But it seemed like a normal day of summer. I was left alone at home—as usual. After doing some light household chores, I  sat down on a bamboo chair at the front door enable to guard our small sari-sari store while reading a story by Brigid […]

Be the Sidekick of Yourself Series: I am my own Hero

Journal no.1 It started when my father lose his job. Everything changed—our way of living isn’t what it seems to be. No more car, no more delicious snacks on our refrigerator and no more travels and hangouts. And to be honest, I did my best to adjust to the situation that I am not used […]

Is it my Graduation?

Excited yet nervous, as I go with the flow of the beat of the music that I have waited to hear for almost 10 months. This is the day, the most awaited day. Finally, I’m no longer junior high school anymore. “Katherine Rose A. Panugan,” said the emcee. Oh, that’s my name, it’s now my […]

The Moment I broke my Right Arm, I Felt so Useless

It was an exciting day for me to come to school–it was the day after we went from a trip which is the PSYSC 2k18. I was so excited wearing my new bag and shirt from the trip which I bought for myself. It was such a lovely morning and only a happy face can […]

Conquering the Title

I am always been a receiver of bad feedback from my coaches back then. Always been the black sheep of the campus journalists family and even a one piece article is already a hard task for me, it was such a dark days. My mind and soul can’t get along together which leads me to […]

My Father is Baymax

“Hello I am Baymax, Your personal healthcare companion.” Indeed, Baymax is Hiro’s bestfriend. In my case, I have my dad who is not just a father of seven children but also a buttler in life, a chauffeur, bodyguard and a good friend just like Baymax. They are not just the same in attitude but they […]

A Day with my Sister

It’s been a long time since we went out together. The day was full of enjoyment and a little bit of debate or should I say war but it’s normal to us. First, we went to buy her favorite Maxi Mango and straight-up to Gaisano Mall Davao The Peak to have a sit and enjoy […]

We aren’t Afraid of the Dark at All

There’s always these dark times who makes us delicate. There’s these dark places who makes us weak. Those dark side who makes us fragile. All of these are all darkness – this absence of light. The question is, are we really afraid of it? Those kids whom you make fun for being anxious every time […]

I have Met Two Strangers in the Bus

It was my first time. A friend told me that travelling alone for the first time is kind of exciting and nervous at the same time but what I have experienced is different from her. It was more like some kind of story telling and being inspired by the lessons they have encountered — they […]

What I have Learned From Steve Jobs

He was dropped out from college. Yes, that’s true or should we say he quit but this decision is like a step — his first step of what he has achieved in his life. Some of us are blinded by the thought “ Finish your studies or else you will end-up asking for foods in […]

I Became Productive

In this generation, our world is like revolving on our gadgets. It’s like a plane travelling from social media to games then social media again – some of us became addicted to it. We became uncomfortable whenever our hands aren’t touching those things. We spend mostly of our time facing and having fun from those […]

The Field I Belong

“Why can’t I be perfect? Why can’t I can create impressive articles?” Back when I was in grade six, my coach wasn’t satisfied with the article I passed. I was disappointed. The day after, I told my coach that I don’t want to join the competition anymore, that I can’t write articles that can reach […]

Penumbra of a Potterhead

A spell that comes from a mouth of a wizard while a 11 cm long wand on its right hand a mortal life would come to an end. A battle between goodness and evil, a battle of pride and anger, a battle of spell and potion, and battle of wands and hallows. This war could […]

Life is A Free Road

Overthinking is a traffic where we are stranded—stranded in our decisions,in finding ourselves,and stranded by hesitations. Don’t be stuck pressing the serene, the world isn’t on  red light. Take the first step and go on. Dr. Seuss said in his book ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’, ” You have brains in your head. You have […]

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