Is it my Graduation?

Excited yet nervous, as I go with the flow of the beat of the music that I have waited to hear for almost 10 months. This is the day, the most awaited day. Finally, I’m no longer junior high school anymore.

“Katherine Rose A. Panugan,” said the emcee.

Oh, that’s my name, it’s now my turn and so I happily face my mother walking 10 steps straight to where I am standing right now. I know she is proud of me. Finally, I can finally say that I am a grade 10 completer with an honor, of course.

This is how I imagine my graduation would be.

But then, sad news spread all over the world. The virus is getting more serious until it became a pandemic. The world stops, people are stuck in their homes and so am l and my family, and can’t do anything but to stay inside and wash hands as often.

Never in my life I magine myself being stuck at our home for more than 3 months—having no choice but to keep myself clean, wash my hands frequently, and eat healthy foods. And to be honest that’s not my style at all. I rarely took a shower during school days, maybe twice or thrice a week. Or maybe more if my mom never stops preaching. I am not also that kind of person who always washes my hands all the time. I mean, I wash my hands but not for 20 seconds long while singing happy birthday song. And I don’t like eating grass, just kidding, I don’t like eating green foods with all those slimy and soft textures but look at as now, we only have two choices—either follow those things or get infected?

This pandemic proves that this world is full of unexpected events and we have no choice but to be knowledgeable and wise enough in order to live. The virus doesn’t choose its victim whether you are rich or poor, thin or fat, pretty or less dulcet, famous or not, even if you are a kid or adult. We are all vulnerable and in order to live, we must keep ourselves healthy and clean.

The Moment I broke my Right Arm, I Felt so Useless

It was an exciting day for me to come to school–it was the day after we went from a trip which is the PSYSC 2k18.

I was so excited wearing my new bag and shirt from the trip which I bought for myself. It was such a lovely morning and only a happy face can be seen through my face while I was walking down the street straight to the school. I greeted my classmates the moment I enter our room. I was so happy telling them some happy moments of the trip to some of my classmates who didn’t able to come with us. Some of them are happy listening to our stories and some are just ignoring–I don’t care.

On that afternoon we decided to play the game we played in Taganito–where our camp was held. I was so excited picking my teammates. I was wearing a rubber shoes and the moment I ran to the opponent team, I loss my balanced and slide to the floor with my right hand supporting my weigh.

I tried to stand but I couldn’t since my right hand loss its strength to support me to stand up. I endured the pain because I thought it will just be gone in any moment. My classmate helped me to get up and I just smiled like I was not hurt but deep inside I want to cry because of my right arm.

After a moment I tried to straighten my arm but it couldn’t, it really hurts. I started to cry because there are a lot of what ifs running on my mind. I asked for help because I couldn’t move my arms and there I have realized I broke my right arm,yes, my right arm, the most used arm.

I couldn’t eat properly, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t wash the dishes, I couldn’t do my daily routine, I was just lying on my bed, and every movement of mine leads to hurting my arm, it was so hard to find a right sleeping position. I cried every night knowing that I loss two weeks of my life doing nothing, I felt so useless and loss.

I was absent in class for a whole 2 weeks and the most dramatic part is that it was examination week, like it was hard to catch up lessons, what about exams?

At that moment I realized many things:

  1. We should be thankful for having a complete body parts
  2. A big salute to every disabled person around the globe, you all are such a strong person.
  3. Don’t be lazy, used your arms , used your body parts even in some things like helping your parents in household chores because some aren’t fortunate enough to have those.
  4. There so many unexpected things in life so used your time and body parts as often and rest if you are tired, who knows you will wake up one day without those anymore.
  5. I realized that having a broke arm is really a big thing so take care of your bones and health.

Conquering the Title

I am always been a receiver of bad feedback from my coaches back then. Always been the black sheep of the campus journalists family and even a one piece article is already a hard task for me, it was such a dark days. My mind and soul can’t get along together which leads me to over think and find my own escape—it didn’t go as what I have planned. I was a weak scribe not until I have realized my own mistake that only my heart is the solution—I pledge my heart in the field of journalism and starting I’ve learned to love writing.

I became a night person and found a new buddies—the light bulb and coffee.

Waking up with determination and going to sleep with fulfillment.

During my first ever Press Conference, I’ve got the chance to step on the stage and wore the medal as a 5th placer and was a qualifier for the Regional School Press Conference.

Years passed and my love for journalism expands—I dreamed of bigger thing—the highest title among the goer of the campus scribes, the Editor-In-Chief.

I was too ambitious to dream of things like that but I remained determine to get the title although I am a bit lazy when it comes to passing of articles.

It was a long ride yet it was all worth it in the end. All those hard work and sleepless nights were just part of the process towards the thing I aimed to achieve. At last, I’ve got the title and of course I am beyond proud of myself.

Indeed, there is no limitation for our dreams and dreaming of bigger things isn’t a mistake the only mistake is that we don’t let that dreams turn into reality.

My Father is Baymax

“Hello I am Baymax, Your personal healthcare companion.”

Indeed, Baymax is Hiro’s bestfriend. In my case, I have my dad who is not just a father of seven children but also a buttler in life, a chauffeur, bodyguard and a good friend just like Baymax. They are not just the same in attitude but they also got those big tummies—kind of coincidence.
They know what’s good for us. “On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate your pain?” , that’s how this white big marshmallow-like robot shows his concern. “How are you?” that’s my dad way even in a busy schedule he never forget to ask us.

The man behind the word is Jesus D. Panugan Jr. our very own Baemax. He is also a very supportive father just like in my K-pop addiction when he once bought an EXO t-shirt for me—I was really surprised. I know someday he will also buy a concert ticket for me, I am not asking for it but I know he will.

My father is indeed Baymax. They are not just the same for having big tummies but also in attitude—more like twins. We are so blessed to have this man of courage and ever supporting father in our life.

A Day with my Sister

It’s been a long time since we went out together. The day was full of enjoyment and a little bit of debate or should I say war but it’s normal to us.

First, we went to buy her favorite Maxi Mango and straight-up to Gaisano Mall Davao The Peak to have a sit and enjoy the view.

Victoria Mall Davao was our next destination. Our reason to go there was to buy EXO Merchandise but end-up going out with nothing on our hands because of the price that we can’t afford. Next, we went to People’s Park to have a walk and eat the foods we bought. Our last destination was in a small restaurant to feed-up our hungry tummies.

It’s always been pleasure to be given a leisure time to bond with your family, siblings or relatives because there’s nothing in this world knows you and understand you better but them.

We aren’t Afraid of the Dark at All

There’s always these dark times who makes us delicate. There’s these dark places who makes us weak. Those dark side who makes us fragile. All of these are all darkness – this absence of light. The question is, are we really afraid of it?

Those kids whom you make fun for being anxious every time his mom turn off the light, he isn’t afraid of the dark – he’s afraid of what is in the dark. We have these imaginations that makes us feel weak but we aren’t afraid of the dark.

Afraid of the Dark
Photo by Carolina Pimenta on Unsplash

We aren’t afraid of dark times, we are afraid of how we will deal with those times and what words will people around us would throw . We aren’t afraid of falling down, we are afraid of how we will stand up again. We aren’t afraid of the dark.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of dark side because there’s always a bright side also. You aren’t afraid of the dark.

These absence of light isn’t scary, it’s our imagination who makes us weak and easily broken. Have courage — be brave. We aren’t afraid of the dark at all.

I have Met Two Strangers in the Bus

It was my first time. A friend told me that travelling alone for the first time is kind of exciting and nervous at the same time but what I have experienced is different from her. It was more like some kind of story telling and being inspired by the lessons they have encountered — they were the two strangers I have met in the bus.

Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

And the bus started to move as well as my memory started to captured every moment. On the first stop of the bus, a dulcet voice called my attention, “Can I sit here?” she asked while pointing her hands on the space beside me. “Sure!” I smiled. It was an old woman carrying a basket full of fruits. She began talking after she sit comfortable. ” These fruits are for the kids in the orphanage. Every time I visits there , It feels like I am there real mother.” She said. “Don’t you have your own children ?” I asked. She took a deep breath and said “Children? I don’t have one and even a husband.” After some small chats we didn’t notice that we are in her destination already and so she wave her right hand for a goodbye.

On the next bus stop, a girl at my age carrying a new born baby sat beside me.With some small chats, I have already felt the sadness in her eyes that she can’t stop her tears to drop. It was like a storytelling again. She was blinded by love at her young age and because of deep affection, she gave everything that leads her to give birth at the wrong time and because of the result , the father of the baby left her.I was just listening to her story the whole time not until we stop at her destination.

On the next bus stop it was finally my destination.The moment I get up from sitting I remembered the two strangers I have met not just some ordinary strangers but two mothers with amazing life stories- the older one who became a mother with the kids she didn’t give birth to and the young one who became a mother at the wrong time but accepted a lifetime challenge as a full-time mother without hesitations the moment she first saw her baby .

My first time travelling alone moment became a more memorable ride because of the two. They make feel realized that a love of a mother is different from the others and giving them back the love is more than enough to make them feel special.

My Journey to Becoming a Fangirl

I have been a fan of a K-pop boy group named EXO for more than 3 years, to be honest I never thought that this would happen in my life and here’s my fangirling journey.

At first, I really don’t like them. Whenever my classmates played their songs I feel so irritated , I admit that they really has a good voice . I don’t know how come they love it when they can’t even understand their idols’ language– I was just in 6th grade back then.

Months passed and school year is about to end. I was just scrolling on youtube and I don’t how I end-up watching EXO’s videos – funny moments, live shows and music videos. I was amazed. Their vocals isn’t a joke, they really got an impressive talents. When they are dancing, the way they move is like an art.

School year finally ends, it was already summer – I finally called myself an EXO – L.

exo fangirl
Celebrating EXO-L’s Birthday with my EXO-L friends .

Three years have passed. In that three years I finally owned some EXO merchandise like posters, postcards, bookmarks, t-shirts, blinking headband and an Eri Bong, yes, an Eri Bong ( EXO’s official lightstick ) by the help also of my family.

I am proud to say that I am an EXO – L and my youth era is called EXO.

What I have Learned From Steve Jobs

He was dropped out from college. Yes, that’s true or should we say he quit but this decision is like a step — his first step of what he has achieved in his life.

Some of us are blinded by the thought “ Finish your studies or else you will end-up asking for foods in the street” but what Steve proves us is something to be inspire of. Sometimes we make decisions that can change everything but can lead us to the right path of  where we are destined to be.


“You’ve got to find what you love” Steve Jobs’ said.
All those struggles he encountered from leaving college, he didn’t regret one of those not even a second, why? Because he love it.We may can’t call him a college graduate but we can call him the man behind that Apple Inc. and by his perseverance , hard work, his wife  and by the contributions of his workers his company becomes bigger and bigger – that’s what the love of work can do.

Lesson :

Sometimes we should let go of the things that doesn’t make us happy at all. Go and find what you love. Do it today because we can’t say that tomorrow will come.

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure — these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” Steve said in his address on 2005 Stanford Commencement .
Indeed, Steve Jobs’ life adventure is an inspiration.

I Became Productive

In this generation, our world is like revolving on our gadgets. It’s like a plane travelling from social media to games then social media again – some of us became addicted to it. We became uncomfortable whenever our hands aren’t touching those things. We spend mostly of our time facing and having fun from those inventions – day till night. Sometimes we didn’t noticed that we mostly missed those leisure time to make impossible things.

i became productive

My happiness depends on my cell phone, just like them not until my sister brought me to her boarding house back when I was in grade 7. I left my phone’s charger in our house – 3 hours drive from where we are. I don’t have a choice but to put down my phone. And there I saw a quote written in calligraphy. I was inspired and told myself, “ I can do that too”.

It became my stress reliever. Whenever some people saw my works and praised by them, I always felt the happiness.

Now, aside from writing, calligraphy became my passion also. From it I have also gained money.

Sometimes we need to limit ourselves from the things that make us less productive to do the things that we didn’t expect we could do.

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