Penumbra of a Potterhead

A spell that comes from a mouth of a wizard while a 11 cm long wand on its right hand a mortal life would come to an end. A battle between goodness and evil, a battle of pride and anger, a battle of spell and potion, and battle of wands and hallows. This war could be dangerous but at the end a new beginning shall be born — generation to generation. This seems a strange world to a muggles but for a Potterhead this is what they called home.

Harry Potter fan

A youth who calls herself a young wizard in a muggle world yet couldn’t even open the door by using Alohomora or a Petrificus Totalus to bind a body, even crossing the Platform Nine and Three-Quarters is a hard thing.Though I could hear a dulcet voice of a young girl saying Wingardium Laviosa yet Locomotor Morgis is already hard to express by words.These seems could be funny to hear to normal people but for a Potterhead this is everything.

I am not living a normal life anymore, I can feel it on my blood. We may living in a mortal world but there’s always a knowledge of creativity in each mind. This is our half shadow, this is our penumbra.

Indeed, J.K. Rowling is a gifted and a masterpiece of God for having a brilliant and creative minds that leads herself to write impressive stories, that leads her to wrote a story about a world that leaves a mark on its readers, a world that we wish really exists, a place that we called home, a wizarding world, no other than Hogwarts. Until now, we still believe that Hogwarts will send us a letter someday or maybe anytime soon.

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