On a finding purpose voyage…

It’s me, Kath!

This blog is a memoir of my life experiences, journey, dramas, and lessons I’ve encountered.

I hope you’ll find inspiration through reading my small corner on the Internet.

Thanks for being here.





What I Do

I often find myself ambitious for dreaming too much but I also find it fascinating for I love the idea of having plans for my future.

But I don’t want them to remain as dreams. Right now I’m making small steps to realize them.

I have been a calligraphy artist for like 5 years now. Also, a writer, researcher, and graphic designer. Here’s my Dribbble account.

And lately, I’ve been exploring and learning new skills such as social media marketing and web development.

I am always focused and passionate in every project that I work on.

One of the projects that I’ve been working is Fields of Emotions, which I co-founded with two writers.

I’m also a contributor for Humans Unite. You might want to check it out.