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What I Learned from Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

Yesterday, April 03, 2022, the last episode of Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, a Korean drama series starring Nam Jo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri was aired. Though it was not clearly detailed, the two main leads didn’t end up together-it broked the hearts of millions of viewers, however, the story itself talked so much about the reality of our first love, our youth, and the people we shared our moments with during our time.

Na Hee Do and back Ye Jin were not each other’s first love affair but they were each other’s, first love. As a viewer of the said drama, I myself felt the void after I finished watching it–it’s always like this whenever I finish watching a series that talks so much about pain but this time, it’s different, it was because of the story itself–it talks so much about reality.

‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ poster: courtesy of tvN

Here is what I’ve Learned from Twenty-five Twenty-One:

  1. Friendship isn’t something you go searching for, it’s something you’ll have in an unexpected moment.
  1. The story of our first love will always be something to remember. (though, I’ve never had mine yet)
  1. If you want something, do everything you can to have it.
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