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How would you describe success?

That’s the question I asked my friends. Although they just left me on read, I’m confident that they have no answer at all.

Millions of money? Designer bags and clothes? House and lot? Sports car? College degree? Or peace of mind?

I don’t know the answer as well. I’m also a voyager of a ship called “We are students under family and peer pressure”.

It’s hard to just dive out from the ship and swim to the ocean of creating your trail.

The only thing I can define is what unsuccessful life would be for me and it would be living the life I don’t want to.

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life doing things that others wanted me to do and thinking that someday I could get to do what I want but it is scary how that someday would be just the word itself.

You became a prisoner of someone else happiness.

If you’re like me who can’t define what success is, try defining what unsuccessful is to you. Just a hint, it is not the lack of digits in your bank account and no profession defines the word successful at all.

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