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I’m 18 and What’s Next?

On the last 22nd of August, I turned 18. I have been planning to post this entry for quite a while but school stuff stopping me to do so.

If I would give my birthday a title it would be, “I’m 18 now and I would not accept greetings saying to more candles to blow for I don’t even have a cake’”. Hilarious, isn’t it? Kidding aside. I’m 18 now. Could someone help me ’cause I’ve been carrying this maturity for quite a while now? Just kidding.

I just turned 18 and what’s next? Should I get a boyfriend now? Even the idea of getting one cringe the hell out of me. Or maybe, I could get my driver’s license just like what Olivia Rodrigo did even though I don’t even have a car. I could also just disappear—not the thing you’re thinking. What I mean is to just stop communicating with anyone in the meantime.

I should really just focus on getting a valid ID for I don’t own any. I feel so mature right now.

The truth is I don’t know. 18 is just another year—well not really for I could be put behind bars for doing stupid things now and I could also cast my vote on fortunate politicians who’ll win my Eenie Meenie game.

I may don’t have the most extravagant birthday party, or the 18s which my 12-year-old self has been looking forward to, or blowing the candle on top of the chocolate cake I’ve been craving, I’m just happy to be home. I get to experience being serenaded with my churchmate and spent my last week of summer with my family in my hometown.

If I would revise the title of my 18th year of playing around, it would be “I’m finally 18 and I’m happy with what I have”

And I’m excited for the things that await me.

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