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That Time I Earned Money While Having Fun

If you’re thinking that I’ve earned thousands of money–I didn’t. But the thing is I was just having fun then suddenly a lot of coins came to me.

It is not a secret that modern calligraphy is one of the things I am really fond of. I might think of myself as a Jack of All trades sometimes but when calligraphy comes to my mind, I then realized that I am not a master of none.

My grade 10 days was the year for my calligraphy. It started from writing titles for my classmates’ portfolios and projects as an exchange for a snack–I was able to save money that time until our school’s foundation day came. My classmates especially Jessa and Chona encouraged me that time to sell my works. At first, I didn’t agree but I just found myself sitting outside our room doing calligraphy for my small clients–it was fun doing it while earning something.

You see, doing something you love is not a waste of time as long as it is not illegal and not interrupting the things that should be your priority first at the moment. Do you play online games? Then play and modify it through streaming or selling your account. Do you love to cook? Post your recipes online, people will crave it until they will DM you if you would accept orders. Never underestimate your hobbies.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback even if it will hurt you so bad.

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