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Summer Break is Here!

Finally! I’m a grade 11 student no more. Yesterday, I passed my remaining modules and that means, I can finally take a breath of relief.

A lot of adjustment had been done during this pandemic and tot ell everything was not easy. I still find myself missing those voices that I could only hear inside the classroom. And knowing that I’ll be graduating next academic year from Senior HIgh makes it worse for I’ll be leaving my school without really leaving it. It’s hard to answer all those questions in the comfort of your own home yet longing for that feeling of excitement and anxiety that the school gives.

I’m writing this to wrap up this academic year by thanking the man above, the people who help me, the teachers, and MYSELF. I wouldn’t make it if I didn’t strive hard.

I don’t know if I’m excited about the next academic school year knowing that there are still no clues for face-to-face classes. I want to enjoy my remaining years in highs school in High SCHOOL literally. 

I may hate pandemics like crazy but we have no choice but to adapt and move on and go on. The thing is we’ve learned a lot through this experience.

Enjoy your summer, everyone!

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