Why I Want to Learn Typography

My week wasn’t sweet to me. Aside from my health was driving me crazy, my school modules exceeded my patient or so I thought.

In the midst of suffering from a runny nose, I pulled myself together and pushed myself to answer the modules that are waiting for me in my inbox where my teacher sent them. 

I was able to answer the questions confidently especially that writing essay is one of my favorite types of assessment. Everything was good even though some lessons summarized in a way that a student can’t understand–no offense to the teacher,I have no doubt that they also worked so hard even though I only have two subject teachers who are approachable, others are just the typical kind of strict teachers. Note that I haven’t met them personally and even in chats they hardly reply which pissed me off sometimes when I have questions related to the modules. Still, I don’t have the right to judge them and I have no doubt that they are amazing.

After answering the assessment which I found easy, I go straight down to the summative tests to finish everything before I sleep. Answering the last set oftest was fine not until I reach the last questions. I spent the last two hours of my night, reading and reading the direction.

My bad that I can’t show you the test paper for the sake of my name and the one who design it.

As someone who studied Typography, I’ve finally realized the importance of it and why people spend too much time studying it. 

And so I spent the other day trying to figure out what the question really is because of how it was designed. I spent two days trying to figure how to answer that part and so I sent my teacher a message who hasn’t accepted my friend request yet since January, now it’s June. 

Thank God she replied, but with only three letters saying the topic of the question–which I am aware. This is driving me nuts. Thank God for the second time, I was able to figure everything out.

Typography is not just about using a good font but also how a person creates a design with harmony and visual consistency.

By Kath Panugan

I write to share my thoughts and express my feelings.

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