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How to Greet my Mom on Mother’s Day?

She blocked me on Facebook. And you would probably laugh if you would know the reason. 

You see, I was never been the perfect responsible daughter, but I’m sure to myself that I care for them so much. They are part of my plans but it is just that myself is first on the line.

I’m 17, still in 11th grade, still need their guidance, still need the comfort of their love, craving for their hugs and kisses but that is not how life for me is. At this young age, life is already molding me to who should I really be. And I’m thankful for that.

I’ve tried my best to connect to her, but her pride is greater than her love, I guess, at this moment. And I understand that. I don’t have a choice but to understand everything that already exists.

You probably get annoyed by your mom who keeps on asking you about your day. Please answer her question, tell her that you’re okay or you’re sad. A lot of us are craving for that. We always crave things we don’t have. 

Maybe, not greeting her on Mother’s Day doesn’t mean I don’t love her. I owe my life to her. I witnessed my sister-in-law struggle throughout her pregnancy journey and I know for sure, she was been there before. Our mom is amazing, every mom is.

So, should I greet her? If yes, how? 

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