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Know Your Time Eater

I’m so proud of how productive myself is, lately.

Scrolling through Facebook for a whole day before became a minute glance and later disable the app to avoid distractions.

Facebook was my time eater.

I came up with a practice I’ve named ‘ A Minute Glance ‘ to discipline myself. In that one minute, the only thing that I should do is to check my notifications to see if there is something important. After that one minute, disable the app then repeat the next day.

The other day, I saw the Memories on my notification. These were the activities I did on Facebook 1 year ago.

Since one minute was not over yet, I clicked it and saw a bunch of useless and irrelevant things I shared before.

Arghhh!! I felt embarrassed and regrets. I could have done more things during that time than surfing through Facebook.

24 hours is a very long time yet we still complain that there’s not enough time to do a specific task. Everything is just a matter of self-management.

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