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The Last Chapter of My Junior Years

Time flies so fast, it was already a year ago when our junior high promenade was held.

It was just like yesterday when everyone in my batch seemed problematic about what to wear on that big day.

Take note, Covid 19 was already on the corner of our country. The news about Covid bombarded different social media platforms and that day was close to becoming just a dream that will never come to reality.

Thank God our prom was just postponed, we were still able to celebrate it, unlike the other school that is at a high risk of the virus.

It was like the best 8 hours of my life. I was able to experience my most awaited part of being in High School. I was only watching it through movies and I have finally experienced it.

Looking back to that time made me realized that you should seize the moment, have fun with the person you are with and connect with them if you can for life is so unpredictable.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, we don’t know if we can’t be able to hug our favorite person or even bid goodbye to them.

That night, I got no regrets at all except that I ruined my hairstyle for I felt uncomfortable but ended up looking miserable. Still, that night was a total blast, we dance like we’re on our 18.

Sometimes, living the moment never disappoints us.

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