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A Night with My Girls

COVID 19 sucks. Life has become more awful than ever. It made us live distant from our loved ones. Good thing, no, not a good thing but at least better than the first quarter of the year 2020, the lockdown was lifted and yes, I was able to meet two of my most favorite girls in the world—my sister and aunt. Not an aunt, she’s more like a sister also.

They reside in Davao, miles away from the province but since I was able to travel here where they live, we were fortunate to have a get-together.

It was raining when they arrived–they were soaking wet. But the funny thing was they saw the rider first who delivered the pizza that my brother ordered. When in fact they were both unaware of where was the house located. So, my brother fetched them at the market close to us because that was the place the least they know.

The moment they arrived, of course, they have to follow rules first. We made sure that they washed hands first. We can’t afford to let them enter without knowing if they were carrying viruses (safety first).

The night was a total blast–it was fun. We ate pizza and ate dinner together. We made TikTok videos although we were not a good dancer. I mean they were not—I am a good dancer you know( when there’s no watching ).  We even have a photo shoot and put some make-up on our faces. The most fun thing was when we recalled some old memories together and laughed at how dumb we were.

Me, my brother, my sister-in-law, my aunt, and my sister.

It was only one night but it felt like a long time since every moment was worth it–we have done many things. Before dawn came, we recreated some old funny photos of us three and then slept together. I hated how my sister doesn’t let me hug her.

It was a pleasure to met them again after a long time. Indeed, COVID 19 is total bullshit. I will wait for a long time again just to be meet them. But I guess, that is how life works. It is full of surprises. At least it stood worthwhile to have a girls’ night.

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