What’s Beyond Legality?

Wow! I’m turning 18 this year. Does this blog make me sounds like I’m too excited? To tell you, I’m not.

It may sound weird but being 18 is just another year added to your life —that’s it. There’s no difference except that you can now be detained.

They say that 18 is the time to be responsible. Not for me. If you can be responsible now, then be it. If you can do that one thing you want right now, then do it. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait until you’re 18.

You don’t have to force your parents to give you the most grand debut. You can have your 18 roses on your 60th birthday or 18 shots on your 21st year.

Life won’t stop at 18. Don’t force things that aren’t on the right time.

There’s more to life to wander than getting pressured for being 18. Keep on wandering while you are still living.

By Kath Panugan

I write to share my thoughts and express my feelings.