What’s Your What if ?

My brother and his wife were surprised when I showed up in front of them.

It was 9 PM. I’ve been sleeping for like 5 hours. I blamed the roaring thunder for ruining my tight sleep.

I tried to continue answering my school modules. I couldn’t understand the lessons so I stopped and planned to resume it the next day.

I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore. So I just lay on my bed—empty, like an idiot facing the ceiling. But it didn’t waste my time.

Here’s why:

“What if I will take a shower tomorrow?”
“What if the rain will stop?”
“What if I will write a blog instead of talking to myself?”

Blah… Blah… Blah…

It started from small ideas until I ended up with:

What if I will write a book instead of spending my time on social media?”
What if I cut my hair so that I wouldn’t have trouble combing it?”
What if I let go of toxic people instead of trying hard just to be one of them?”
What if I pursue my dreams without minding my parents?”

And so on.

I was smiling. Wow! I was surprised. I’m doing great with what James Altucher wrote in his blog ” A Message to My Younger Self” where it goes like this: “What ifs..?” lets you build a bridge between reality and the desire you want.

His message to his 17-year-old self is on point. Good thing I’ve read it on time or else I would end up regretting not dropping by on his blog.

Take a look around you. Inventions are everywhere. Those also started with “What ifs…?”.

What if I will create an application that will help people easily communicate?”
And so, Facebook, Instagram, Line, and other applications exist.

Prove me wrong, everything that was human-made started from “What ifs”.

Your imagination is the only limit. And everything takes one step to make it possible. Don’t let your “What ifs…” remain as that.

By Kath Panugan

I write to share my thoughts and express my feelings.