What’s Your What if ?

My brother and his wife were surprised when I showed up in front of them.

It was 9 PM. I’ve been sleeping for like 5 hours. I blamed the roaring thunder for ruining my tight sleep.

I tried to continue answering my school modules. I couldn’t understand the lessons so I stopped and planned to resume it the next day.

I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore. So I just lay on my bed—empty, like an idiot facing the ceiling. But it didn’t waste my time.

Here’s why:

“What if I will take a shower tomorrow?”
“What if the rain will stop?”
“What if I will write a blog instead of talking to myself?”

Blah… Blah… Blah…

It started from small ideas until I ended up with:

What if I will write a book instead of spending my time on social media?”
What if I cut my hair so that I wouldn’t have trouble combing it?”
What if I let go of toxic people instead of trying hard just to be one of them?”
What if I pursue my dreams without minding my parents?”

And so on.

I was smiling. Wow! I was surprised. I’m doing great with what James Altucher wrote in his blog ” A Message to My Younger Self” where it goes like this: “What ifs..?” lets you build a bridge between reality and the desire you want.

His message to his 17-year-old self is on point. Good thing I’ve read it on time or else I would end up regretting not dropping by on his blog.

Take a look around you. Inventions are everywhere. Those also started with “What ifs…?”.

What if I will create an application that will help people easily communicate?”
And so, Facebook, Instagram, Line, and other applications exist.

Prove me wrong, everything that was human-made started from “What ifs”.

Your imagination is the only limit. And everything takes one step to make it possible. Don’t let your “What ifs…” remain as that.

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