Different ways, Same Laughter

It was the afternoon of April 9th, a holiday. But it seemed like a normal day of summer. I was left alone at home—as usual.

After doing some light household chores, I  sat down on a bamboo chair at the front door enable to guard our small sari-sari store while reading a story by Brigid Smith entitled “Our Gang and the mystery of the Missing Parrot” . While reading quietly, a loud voice of laughter stole my attention; I close the book and tried to looked for the root of the voice. It was my neighbors who could defeat a CEO with their perseverance and focus while playing,  and suddenly a memories flashed on my mind—it  was our time,  a memories of me and the people I called “childhood friends” and the way we laugh and our way of enjoying those days.

  Under the hot weather, the kids, indeed having fun. Their sweats are like competing to each other, it was kind of a marathon but the echoes of there voices were still stuck on my mind, the way they laugh what matters to me—it was the same priceless laugh we shared before. One of them shouts then laugh again, we just can’t avoid the fact that in a circle of friends  there’s always this bad ass friend who can’t stop their mouth from saying shit words but somehow it makes as laugh. I’m not saying that it is a good practice, it never was.

I felt pleasure but lonesome , simultaneously. Indeed, technologies changes the people of this generation. Those kids weren’t sweating because of running or playing hide and seek but it was because of the hot weather and they weren’t playing some larong lahi (  Filipinos traditional games) like how the past generations of kids does, so am I, they were playing games that doesn’t exists in real world. Bingo! You got it right, they were playing mobile games.

At that moment, I have perceived that everything that exists in this world has its good and bad side. And as the Earth revolves, a lot of changes are also happening—we are slowing embracing it. What I mean is, things doesn’t always stay what it was before. Those sharing of secrets, jokes, and funny horror stories when the light is out are now sharing of skins of players,  accounts and cheats to reach the level they aim to achieve. The differences are vivid.

 I am not being against of their happiness. The truth is I am still thankful that  at the middle of this innovated world there are still group of friends having their hangouts . Since then, I knew that communication are the foundation of more stronger friendship. The way of quality time has changed but what matters the most is that we enjoy it in our own satisfaction.

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