Contentment: A secret to Infinity

/Hi guys! So before reading this, better read the story first. Here’s the link

Contentment. One word yet it gives a big impact in our lives and is a secret ingredient to a strong bond relationship.That is what I’ve learned from the story Sinigang written by an impressive writer named Maric Aubrey J. Villaccran.

The story was narrated by the main character itself. The whole duration during the time I’ve read it was amazing, I could give a 5 star for that.

Move on to the moral lesson, I’ve learned a lot to be honest,but one lesson that I can share to you is the importance of contentment once you are already committed to someone. In the story, Liza’s father had a extramarital affair with Sylvia and therefore had a child named Lem. Because of that affair, many changes happened in their family but still the love of Liza’s mother to his husband didn’t change.

If only people would know the importance of vows , maybe, it didn’t happened to them. So, better think many times if you are ready enough to tie the knots before you will ruin your own family. For the last time, be contented so that you’ll not break the infinity you’ve promise.

By Kath Panugan

I write to share my thoughts and express my feelings.