Is it my Graduation?

Excited yet nervous, as I go with the flow of the beat of the music that I have waited to hear for almost 10 months. This is the day, the most awaited day. Finally, I’m no longer junior high school anymore.

“Katherine Rose A. Panugan,” said the emcee.

Oh, that’s my name, it’s now my turn and so I happily face my mother walking 10 steps straight to where I am standing right now. I know she is proud of me. Finally, I can finally say that I am a grade 10 completer with an honor, of course.

This is how I imagine my graduation would be.

But then, sad news spread all over the world. The virus is getting more serious until it became a pandemic. The world stops, people are stuck in their homes and so am l and my family, and can’t do anything but to stay inside and wash hands as often.

Never in my life I magine myself being stuck at our home for more than 3 months—having no choice but to keep myself clean, wash my hands frequently, and eat healthy foods. And to be honest that’s not my style at all. I rarely took a shower during school days, maybe twice or thrice a week. Or maybe more if my mom never stops preaching. I am not also that kind of person who always washes my hands all the time. I mean, I wash my hands but not for 20 seconds long while singing happy birthday song. And I don’t like eating grass, just kidding, I don’t like eating green foods with all those slimy and soft textures but look at as now, we only have two choices—either follow those things or get infected?

This pandemic proves that this world is full of unexpected events and we have no choice but to be knowledgeable and wise enough in order to live. The virus doesn’t choose its victim whether you are rich or poor, thin or fat, pretty or less dulcet, famous or not, even if you are a kid or adult. We are all vulnerable and in order to live, we must keep ourselves healthy and clean.

By Kath Panugan

I write to share my thoughts and express my feelings.