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We aren’t Afraid of the Dark at All

There’s always these dark times who makes us delicate. There’s these dark places who makes us weak. Those dark side who makes us fragile. All of these are all darkness – this absence of light. The question is, are we really afraid of it?

Those kids whom you make fun for being anxious every time his mom turn off the light, he isn’t afraid of the dark – he’s afraid of what is in the dark. We have these imaginations that makes us feel weak but we aren’t afraid of the dark.

Afraid of the Dark
Photo by Carolina Pimenta on Unsplash

We aren’t afraid of dark times, we are afraid of how we will deal with those times and what words will people around us would throw . We aren’t afraid of falling down, we are afraid of how we will stand up again. We aren’t afraid of the dark.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of dark side because there’s always a bright side also. You aren’t afraid of the dark.

These absence of light isn’t scary, it’s our imagination who makes us weak and easily broken. Have courage — be brave. We aren’t afraid of the dark at all.

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