I have Met Two Strangers in the Bus

It was my first time. A friend told me that travelling alone for the first time is kind of exciting and nervous at the same time but what I have experienced is different from her. It was more like some kind of story telling and being inspired by the lessons they have encountered — they were the two strangers I have met in the bus.

Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

And the bus started to move as well as my memory started to captured every moment. On the first stop of the bus, a dulcet voice called my attention, “Can I sit here?” she asked while pointing her hands on the space beside me. “Sure!” I smiled. It was an old woman carrying a basket full of fruits. She began talking after she sit comfortable. ” These fruits are for the kids in the orphanage. Every time I visits there , It feels like I am there real mother.” She said. “Don’t you have your own children ?” I asked. She took a deep breath and said “Children? I don’t have one and even a husband.” After some small chats we didn’t notice that we are in her destination already and so she wave her right hand for a goodbye.

On the next bus stop, a girl at my age carrying a new born baby sat beside me.With some small chats, I have already felt the sadness in her eyes that she can’t stop her tears to drop. It was like a storytelling again. She was blinded by love at her young age and because of deep affection, she gave everything that leads her to give birth at the wrong time and because of the result , the father of the baby left her.I was just listening to her story the whole time not until we stop at her destination.

On the next bus stop it was finally my destination.The moment I get up from sitting I remembered the two strangers I have met not just some ordinary strangers but two mothers with amazing life stories- the older one who became a mother with the kids she didn’t give birth to and the young one who became a mother at the wrong time but accepted a lifetime challenge as a full-time mother without hesitations the moment she first saw her baby .

My first time travelling alone moment became a more memorable ride because of the two. They make feel realized that a love of a mother is different from the others and giving them back the love is more than enough to make them feel special.

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