I Became Productive

In this generation, our world is like revolving on our gadgets. It’s like a plane travelling from social media to games then social media again – some of us became addicted to it. We became uncomfortable whenever our hands aren’t touching those things. We spend mostly of our time facing and having fun from those inventions – day till night. Sometimes we didn’t noticed that we mostly missed those leisure time to make impossible things.

i became productive

My happiness depends on my cell phone, just like them not until my sister brought me to her boarding house back when I was in grade 7. I left my phone’s charger in our house – 3 hours drive from where we are. I don’t have a choice but to put down my phone. And there I saw a quote written in calligraphy. I was inspired and told myself, “ I can do that too”.

It became my stress reliever. Whenever some people saw my works and praised by them, I always felt the happiness.

Now, aside from writing, calligraphy became my passion also. From it I have also gained money.

Sometimes we need to limit ourselves from the things that make us less productive to do the things that we didn’t expect we could do.

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