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The Field I Belong

“Why can’t I be perfect? Why can’t I can create impressive articles?”

Back when I was in grade six, my coach wasn’t satisfied with the article I passed. I was disappointed.

The day after, I told my coach that I don’t want to join the competition anymore, that I can’t write articles that can reach her standards but then she smiled and said, “You can , you can write impressive articles. I choose you to compete because you’ve got the skills, and I can see it the way you expressed your thoughts through writing. You belong in this field. It’s not about perfection but it’s about enhancing what you’ve got, so don’t give up.”

Three years have passed and I am still holding my weapon as a campus journalist and thankful for that words from my coach and the chance she gave me that I am still in the field of journalism.

Mark Caine said, “The first step towards success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.” His words lighten my mind more .We may already find ourselves but it’s not to late to explore more and more.

As a mortal, we are all destined to die, but the stories and masterpieces of a writer will always be a legacy and an inspiration to others.

It’s not about being perfect but it’s about learning something new, enhancing our skills and adopt to changes.

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